MRM-710MP(U) Series Intelligent Double Action Pull Station – MP protocol

This high quality, die-cast metal intelligent fire alarm manual station is a dual action unit with a permanently attached addressable module.

Secutron’s MRM-710MP(U) Series Intelligent Manual Station is made of a high quality, die-cast metal and is available as a dual-action device with key resets and a permanently attached intelligent module.

Pulling the handle initiates the operation of the intelligent module.

The MRM-710MP(U) Series is available with CAT-30 keys and mount on a standard single gang back-box, Secutron model MRM-700 interior surface metal backbox.


The MRM-710MP(U) Series Dual Action Intelligent Manual Station is operated by pushing the bar labeled “PUSH BAR” and then pulling down the handle marked “PULL HANDLE”.

The MRM-710MP(U) is reset by opening the station with the key, placing the handle in the normal upright position and re-locking the station.


The manual station shall be Secutron’s MRM-710MP(U) series. Operating instructions shall be in raised English lettering and the unit shall be constructed of high quality die-cast metal and finished in red enamel paint to provide quick identification. Pulling the handle shall initiate immediate operation of the intelligent addressable module. All manual fire alarm stations shall be installed as per the specific requirements outlined in the UL codes, as well as all other applicable national or local codes. Final acceptance is subject to the local authority having jurisdiction.


To set the address on this device, disconnect it from the loop, or ensure that the loop to which it is connected is both disconnected from the panel and shorted across the SLC+ and SLC− inputs at the device. Failing to take either of these steps may change the address programming of previously configured sensors on the same loop.



  • Dual Action
  • Key re-settable
  • Permanently Attached Intelligent Addressable Module
  • Supports MP Protocol
  • Address is set using hand held device programmer
  • High-gloss red enamel finish
  • Plastic break rod
  • Meets ADA 5 lb. maximum manual-force
  • Mounts on standard single gang box, Secutron’s MRM-700 surface metal backbox

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