MR-3500 Series System

Secutron’s MR-3500 Series systems are powerful intelligent fire / agent release control panels that are UL/ULC listed and FM Approved.

Secutron’s MR-3500 Series systems are powerful Intelligent Fire / Agent Release Control Units that are UL/ULC listed for fire alarm services, including releasing service.

The MR-3500 Series provides up to three intelligent Data Communication Links (DCLs) / Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) that support a new AP protocol, which is faster and has capacity for up to 954 intelligent devices.

In addition, the MR-3500 Series has backward compatibility support for CLIP devices. The MR-3500 Series systems are recommended for both new and retrofit fire detection and/or special-hazard/critical-infrastructure suppression/special agent applications.

Capable of releasing up to six discrete physical hazard zones, the MR-3500 offers exceptional value for complex installations.

Elegant configuration options by onsite laptop, or when required by the Engineer of Record, by remote PC via modem, the MR-3500 can be operational with minimal set up time.

Typically these environments require agent-based suppression solutions easily managed by the MR-3500 Intelligent Addressable Release Control Unit.



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