MS-703U Series Single Action Emergency Station

Secutron’s MS-700 Series Emergency Manual Stations are high quality, die-cast metal manual stations that are designed to meet special use requirements.

The MS-700U are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Secutron’s MS-700U Emergency Manual Stations consist of two models. The MS-703U and MS-704U are single action manual stations. The MS-703U is finished in a Blue enamel and the MS-704U is finished in a Yellow enamel.

Both models are available with key resets, CAT-30 lock and keys, SPDT contacts and terminal strip connections. The contacts are gold plated to avoid the risk of corrosion. The MS-700U Emergency Manual Stations mount on a standard single gang backbox.


The MS-700U Single Action Emergency Manual Stations are operated by pulling down the handle marked “Manual HANDLE” on the front of the station. The MS-700U Series Emergency Manual Stations are reset by opening the station with the key, placing the handle in the normal upright position and re-locking the station.

Comes With

  • 2 Form ‘C’ Contacts Key Resettable


  • Single Action
  • Key resettable
  • Terminal connectors
  • Gold plated SPDT contacts
  • High-gloss enamel in Blue and Yellow
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed Alarm Contacts
  • Meets ADA 5 lb. maximum manual-force