MRI-DH3100 Secutron Intelligent Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector

The latest analog addressable innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications.


The Duct Detectors are designed to prevent the recirculation or spread of smoke by air handling systems, fans, and blowers. Complete systems may be shut down via the building’s fire alarm control panel (FACP) in the event of smoke detection.

The MRI-DH3100 Series are Low-Flow Photoelectric air duct smoke detectors that are capable of sensing smoke in air velocities from 100 to 4,000 feet per minute (0.5 to 20.32 m/sec). Low-flow technology can detect smoke at air speed velocities of 100 feet per minute or greater, while continuing the same reliable performance to 4,000 feet per minute.

The MRI-DH3100 Series are designed and built to meet all local code requirements, as well as the NFPA and ICC standards regarding HVAC supply and return duct smoke detectors. Output terminals are provided for a remote alarm indicator accessory.