MRI-100X Secutron Line Isolator Module

The MRI-100X Fault Isolator Module is used to protect the system against wire-to-wire short circuits on the analog loop.


The modules should be spaced between groups of sensors or modules in a loop to protect the rest of the loop. In the event of a short circuit between any two fault isolator modules, both modules immediately switch to an open circuit condition and isolate any group of sensors between them. The remaining units on the circuit will continue to operate in a normal fashion (must be wired in Class ‘A’ or Style 6).

Secutron’s MRI-100 Series Intelligent Addressable Modules are designed to meet a wide range of applications. The monitor and control modules can be used to supervise and activate sounders, strobes, door closers, pull stations, waterflow switches, conventional smoke detectors and more. An eight position dip switch allows for the address setting of the device and the wiring class/style of the devices that are connected to the module. All modules mount in a standard 4” x 4” x 2 1/8” junction box.

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