MR-2312-LDR Twelve Zone LED Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Twelve zone fire alarm control unit with UDACT/Digital Communicator.

The MR-2312-LDR is equipped with twelve Class “B” (Style “B”) initiating circuits and four Class “B” (Style “Y”) indicating circuits rated @ 1.7 Amps maximum. (Total of 5 Amps) and equipped with an LED display and an integrated UDACT/Digital Communicator. The MR-23oo Series family also includes remote LED and LCD annunciators as well as remote relay modules.

The MR-2312-LDR is configurable by the keypad (using the CFG-300 Configuration Tool) for onsite programming or by a PC for both onsite and remote programming. Easy to install and simple to operate and configure, the MR-2312-LDR enables the installer to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.

The MR-2312-LDR panel is equipped with a 5 Amp power supply, 4-wire resettable smoke power supply (300mA max.), an interface for a Remote Trouble Indicator (RTI) and an RS-485 interface for remote LCD annunciators, LED annunciators and Remote Relay modules.

The MR-2312-LDR panel comes complete with a red door, black enclosure, durable CAT-30 lock and key and space to mount up to 12 AH batteries. An optional trim ring is available for semi-flush mounting.

Comes With

  • LED
  • 12 Initiating Class B (Style B)
  • 4 Indicating Circuits(1.7 Amps) Class B (Style Y)
  • 2 Line UDACT Digital Communicator & Modem
  • Supports Multiplexed Annunciation & Smart Relays
  • Alarm & Event Logs
  • 5 Amp Power Supply (Signal & Aux Supply)
  • Front Panel, Laptop Configurative or Remote Dial Up
  • Red Door and Black Enclosure

Agency Listings


  • Listed to UL 864, 9th edition
  • Available in six and twelve zone models
  • Available in LED and LCD Display configurations
  • LCD Display versions are equipped with a 2 line by 20 character back-lit LCD display and numerical keypad
  • Integrated UDACT/Digital Communicator on select models
  • Front panel and PC programmable
  • LED Display versions are front panel (using CFG-300 configuration tool) and PC programmable
  • Remote upload/download capabilities
  • Base panel is equipped with Class “B” (Style “B”) initiating circuits which may be configured as Class “A” (Style “D”) using a Class “A” converter module
  • Initiating circuits may be configured as Alarm, Verified Alarm, Waterflow Alarm, Sprinkler Alarm, Latching or Non-Latching Supervisory, Monitor and Trouble-Only
  • Base panel is equipped with Class “B” (Style “Y”) indicating circuits which may be configured as Class “A” (Style “Z”) using a Class “A” signal converter module
  • Audible signals may be configured for Steady, Temporal Code, California Code and March Time
  • Indicating Circuits may be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable for both signals and strobes
  • Built-in sync protocols for the following strobe manufacturers: Mircom, Amseco, System Sensor, Gentex, Faraday and Wheelock
  • Relay contacts for Common Alarm, Auxiliary/Alarm (Disconnectable), Common Supervisory and Common Trouble
  • Configurable Signal Silence Inhibit, Auto Signal Silence and One-Man Walk Test
  • Subsequent Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble operation
  • RS-485 Interface for Remote LED Annunciators, LCD Annunciators and Remote Smart Relay Modules
  • Two event history logs comprised of a 200 event alarm log for alarm related events and a 200 event general log for all other events
  • 5 Amp Power Supply
  • Optional modules for additional internal relay circuits and City Tie/Polarity Reversal
  • Optional trim rings for semi-flush mounting