2251-COPTIR Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector

This latest addition to Secutron’s Intelligent Detection line combines four complementary technologies into one device to convey accurate fire sensing information for locations where absolute certainty is required.


The COPTIR detector is designed for use with Secutron’s MMXTM Series Intelligent Network Fire Alarm Control Panels.

This plug-in fire detector combines four separate sensing elements in one unit:

  • Photoelectric chamber senses airborne particulate for smoke detection
  • Electrochemical cell technology monitors carbon monoxide (CO) produced by smoldering fires
  • Infrared (IR) sensing measures ambient light levels and flame signatures
  • Thermal detection monitors temperature

The integration of continual monitoring for all four major elements of a fire has resulted in a detector that responds more quickly to an actual fire with the highest immunity to nuisances. This advanced multi-criteria detector normally operates at a high immunity level and changes to become very sensitive to fires as soon as fire characteristics are sensed. In this way, nuisances are monitored and ignored, reducing false alarms.

The detector’s onboard intelligence runs advanced algorithms that dynamically adjust detection parameters to respond to the inputs from the sensors, enabling instant response as ambient conditions change.